Transformative Experiences: A Phenomenological Study of Nursing Students in a Study Abroad Course


  • Madison Ollive College of Nursing, Texas Woman's University
  • Jennifer Talleff College of Nursing, Texas Woman's University
  • Luis Espinoza Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi


Reflective daily journaling was utilized to enhance students’ intrapersonal growth and development. This phenomenological study utilized students’ daily journals from university students enrolled in a study abroad nursing course to identify transformative experiences. All journals were coded by an undergraduate researcher and two faculty researchers producing a kappa coefficient of 0.98. The major themes that emerged were the overall impact of common experiences and discoveries, the number of overall participants that reported a common experience or discovery, and the top three themes for each of the daily journal questions. This study demonstrates that reflective daily journaling utilized in a study abroad course can facilitate the achievement of a set of course objectives for student success in post-secondary education. The findings of this study were utilized by faculty to improve future study abroad course offerings which would help impact personal and professional goals for future nurses.






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