Parallel Teaching Processes to Mitigate Learning Disruption in the Pandemic


  • Debashis Dutta Conestoga College Renison University College



The 2020 COVID-19 worldwide pandemic has interrupted all lives in some form. For post-secondary students, moving to various form of online learning has caused additional stresses that complicate learning. The overall climate of uncertainty, fear, grief, groundlessness, and disconnection are almost ‘ethereal’ life themes that are, on the one hand, difficult to articulate, and on the other, keenly felt. Educators are inundated with training opportunities to transition to remote, hybrid, and online delivery. As teachers experience the same disruption as their students, they are in a unique and privileged position to thoughtfully engage students in a teaching-learning dynamic that models Transformative Learning principles. This essay explores four practices to connect the shared disruptions shared by students and teachers alike, while articulating parallel methods for teachers to support students. Concepts of patience, flexibility, limit-setting, and equanimity are explored as ways to enhance teaching during this pandemic. While the ‘ethereal’ pervades teaching and learning, the ideas proposed in this essay will help bridge the gap for students and teacher to experience an education that promotes transformation and ownership of learning.