Transformative Action Learning and Coaching in Healthcare Leadership


  • Ian Corrie University of Cumbria United Kingdom


Coaching, Action Learning, Transformative Reflection and Reflexivity


This evaluative case study will outline how Transformative Action Learning, Coaching and Military Values and behaviours can be combined and applied to Leadership Development within a UK National Health Service (NHS) Trust in the form of a three-day workshop. Transformative Learning is a deep structural shift in basic premises of thoughts, feelings and actions. Mezirow (2000) states that this involves a re-examination of our presuppositions and beliefs, this workshop utilised Military values and beliefs as a basis for critical self-reflection of leadership behaviours through what Dirkx (1997) describes as the soul work. This case study will demonstrate the positive learning and impact of the three-day workshop incorporating these concepts when delivered to a range of Leaders from an NHS Trust in England, and the impact it has had on their professional learning.

Author Biography

Ian Corrie, University of Cumbria United Kingdom

Principal Lecturer in Nurshing Health and Professional Practice


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