Reflection, Writing, and Transformative Learning for College Teachers


  • Koenraad Kuiper University of Canterbury


refective writing, subject expert teaching


Transformative learning is facilitated by teachers who are student-centred and passionate about the subjects they teach. When teachers write about their teaching the results can be inspirational. This essay reports on a set of such writings. The writing of others can also serve to inspire teachers to do their own writing about their teaching.  Opportunities for this occur in the normal course of a professional life  and these opportunities should be siezed not just for their operational ends such as promotion but also for expressing deeply felt engagement with teaching.

Author Biography

Koenraad Kuiper, University of Canterbury

Koenraad Kuiper is Professor Emeritus at the University of Canterbury, NZ. He is author and editor of 16 books and numerous aricles and book chapters. His academic disciplne is linguistics.


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