How are Reading Experiences Transforming Students in a Virtual World?


  • Stacie Garrett Cameron University
  • Michelle Smith


The last two years have challenged the way students and teachers engage in reading experiences. Many traditional face-to-face formats have been replaced with hybrid, remote, online, and a combination of these virtual formats. When thinking back to the way most people experienced literature or grew to love reading, it is likely the moment occurred in a traditional setting of some sort. Teachers are still expected to instill a love for literature in their students despite classes being held in different formats. Common concerns expressed in the education community are “How can I make my students enjoy reading when they can never hold a book?” “How can I hold my students accountable with silent reading when they are taught in a virtual environment?” “How are my students getting exposure to literature in these non-traditional settings?”  These questions and many others like this have been on the forefront of today’s educators’ minds. Teachers need to create experiences that allow their students to have those same moments as once were offered traditionally. This article provides specific strategies, online resources, and approaches to guide any teacher exposing children to literature in today’s learning environments. 

Author Biographies

Stacie Garrett, Cameron University

Dr. Stacie Garrett is an Assistant Professor at Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma. Throughout her career in education, Dr. Garrett has served as a member to countless local, state, and national organizations. In addition to being a member, she has also served in several office and board positions. Since 2013, Dr. Garrett has been an active counselor for the Kappa Delta Pi, Upsilon Xi chapter where she continues to serve. In 2017, she became the editor for the Dragon Lode journal, which is affiliated with the International Literacy Association (ILA) special interest group, Reading Specialists and Children’s Literature. This term recently concluded in fall of 2020. Recently, Dr. Garrett transitioned from editorship to board member within the ILA special interest group. She will serve in this position until 2023.

Michelle Smith

Dr. Michelle Smith is an Associate Professor in the Department of Education at Cameron University in Lawton, OK.  She has been a member of DKG Beta Eta Chapter and has held the titles of President, Vice-President and Treasurer.  She is also a member of Kappa Delta Pi, Oklahoma Educators Association and is currently the chapter advisor of Oklahoma Aspiring Educators Association at Cameron University.  Other memberships include board member for the Oklahoma Science Teachers' Association and has served as the Chair of Professional Development. 






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