Faculty Gains through Teaching Abroad: A Transformative Learning Approach


  • Nick Gozik Elon University
  • Rebecca Hovey Smith College


This investigation explores the benefits that faculty gain from teaching on short-term, faculty-led programs, complementing a much more extensive literature on student benefits of this study abroad program model. A secondary goal of the research was to learn whether faculty benefits stemming from these experiences resulted in follow-on benefits for the institution and, more broadly, for the Internationalization of the Curriculum (IoC). Among the findings, the four key benefits that faculty reported were cultural and intercultural learning, a further development of their own research interests and professional networks, a deeper knowledge of students, and a sense of rejuvenation for teaching. While these findings support related research demonstrating some strengthening of IoC, the authors argue that their research provides support for the benefit of a transformative learning approach which would enhance faculty development through reflection and longer-term benefits to the institution.






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