Necessity and Non-Necessity of Professionals in the Classroom


  • Annika Clorius-Lehmann German Institute for Adult Education, Leibniz Centre for Lifelong Learning, Bonn

Author Biography

Annika Clorius-Lehmann, German Institute for Adult Education, Leibniz Centre for Lifelong Learning, Bonn

Annika Clorius-Lehmann has been working for the German Institut for Adult Education, Leibniz Centre for Lifelong Learning in Bonn, Germany from 2018, leading the project EULE: Development of an Open Web-based Learning Space for continuing education, competence acquisition and professional development of adult educators. The online platform will make use of a completely new approach to e-learning and blended learning which operates so-called “individual learning pathways” as tailor-made professional development instruments. 



Before Annika has been working for SCHMELING+ CONSULTANTS GmbH Heidelberg from 2016 until 2018, contributing her expertise in the field of education science.Annika holds a master's degree in communication studies with a focus on intercultural communication and adult education, including on-the-job training.Beginning her academic career as a research assistant at the Technische Universität Chemnitz and continuing it at the University of Heidelberg Annika has worked in the higher education sector for seven years full time. Her academic research focuses on professionalization, professionalism in adult education, transformative learning theory as well as in intercultural competence and skill development.Aside from teaching courses, she was responsible for carrying out national and international research projects and writing scientific articles. Currently, Annika continues to lecture at the University of Heidelberg and the University of Bonn in addition to her work for the Institut.Beyond her scientific activities she has established and directed a career service at the Technische Universitaet Chemnitz.Annika is a member of Erwachsenenbildung/Deutsche Gesellschaft für Erziehungswissenschaft (DGfE), International Association of transformative learning theory and is government certified to teach German as a second language.







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