Implementing Transformative Learning Theory through Volunteerism in Business: An Interview with Angela Parker

Jacie Harvel, Andi Ullrich, Anna Dore


This editorial interview was conducted with Angela Parker, who is the Co-founder and Senior Partner of Realized Worth. Her company focuses on working with corporations to achieve employee volunteer training, volunteer program design, and employee engagement. The application of Transformative Learning theory is key to her professional and personal mission. She was interviewed by editorial research assistants, Andi Ullrich and Jacie Harvel.


volunteerism, pragmatic change, critical reflection, consciousness raising, transformative learning, disorienting dilemma

Full Text:

PDF 9-14


Harris, L. (2006). Dehumanizing the lowest of the low: Neuroimaging responses to extreme out-groups. Psychological Science, 17(10), 847-853. Retrieved from


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