Special Issue: AI Experience


AI Experience Special Issue Scope:

Successfully submitted proposals can address transformation through an examination of AI’s integration into programs (e.g., faculty-level, institutional-level, etc.), processes (e.g., co-curricular engagement, assessment, measures, etc.), pedagogy (e.g., teaching assignments, research, etc.). Also, proposals can provide evidence of transformation through examining impacts on faculty (e.g., improved teaching, etc.), impacts on students (e.g., how they learn, etc.), impacts on institutional environments (e.g., accreditation, policies, etc.), or impacts on states, regions, and communities.

Proposal Submission Details:

  • Due June 1, 2023:
    • Anticipated manuscript title
    • A 200-400-word extended abstract of the anticipated manuscript
    • Submission titles should have “AI Special Issue” included at the beginning of the paper
    • Key area(s) relevant to the Call for Proposals
    • Author(s) with affiliation and email

  • By July 1, 2023:
    • Authors will be notified of decision

  • Due August 15, 2023:
    • Completed paper to be sent to reviewers
    • References