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Lowry, David
Lukowiak, Twila


MacKinnon, Stacey L, University of Prince Edward Island (Canada)
Magnani, Roberta
Magnani, Roberta, Swansea University (United Kingdom)
Maguire, Cynthia
Maguire, Cynthia, Texas Woman's University (United States)
Mälkki, Kaisu, University of Helsinki
Manral, Lalit
Manral, Lalit (United States)
Mansker, Jacqueline, University of Central Oklahoma (United States)
Mansker, Jacqueline
Mayberry, John, University of the Pacific
McAteer, Teal
McCoy, Mark
McCoy, Mark, University of Central Oklahoma (United States)
McGowan, Veronica F, Southwestern Oklahoma State University (United States)
McKee, Holly
McKee, Holly, Southwestern Oklahoma State University
Minks, Larry
Minks, Lawrence Claud, Southeastern Oklahoma State University (United States)
Minnes, Mia, University of California, San Diego (United States)
Mirsaleh-Kohan, Nasrin
Mirsaleh-Kohan, Nasrin, Texas Woman's University (United States)
Molnar, Kati Anne, University of Arkansas System eVersity
Molnar, Kati Anne
Moore, Michael K.


Nelson, Mike, University of Central Oklahoma
Nelson, R. Michael


Parrott, Martha Y, Northeastern State University (United States)
Parrott, Martha Y.
Patel, Akash, University of Central Oklahoma
Patel, Akash
Peet, Melissa R.
Pennington, Kim, University of Central Oklahoma (United States)
Pennington, Kim
Pernell-Arnold, Anita
Porterfield, Caitlin
Porterfield, Caitlin Elisabeth, University of Central Oklahoma (United States)
Powers, Melissa, University of Central Oklahoma
Powers, Melissa
Pugh, Kevin


Raptis, Paul Raymond, University of North Georgia (United States)
Redmond, Chez
Redmond, Chez, University of Central Oklahoma (United States)
Reitenauer, Vicki, Portland State University
Rodriguez, Yolanda, University of Mississippi (United States)
Rogers, Christian, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (United States)
Rollins, Pamela, University of Central Oklahoma (United States)
Rollins, Pamela G.

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