Kati Anne Molnar, Michael K. Moore


            The recently established eVersity is the first fully online institution for the University of Arkansas System.  Believing lessons can be learned from how students interact with their online environment, eVersity collects data from the learning management system and student information system to drive student support processes and inform curricular design.  At the heart of eVersity is a belief that the educational experience can be designed to improve student success.  This is illustrated by our intervention strategy which employs the concept of nudging.  Nudge theory is an approach from the choice architecture literature for helping individuals and groups make better decisions through positive reinforcement and carefully designed interventions.  Understanding the importance of a growth mindset, we nudge students to recognize their own ability to improve their future.  This discussion will focus on intervention strategies for transformative learning environments.  Topics to be discussed include nudges as interventions, role of libertarian paternalism, using analytics to drive interventions, students’ views toward data privacy and intrusive tactics, other strategies for encouraging a growth mindset, best practices for measuring success of interventions in promoting a transformative experience and the value of action research in higher education.   Participants will be asked to share their own experiences with nudges and promoting a growth mindset. 


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