The Transformational Leadership Program At Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Lawrence Claud Minks


This poster session presents a comprehensive summary of the design and implementation of the Transformational Leadership Program at Southeastern Oklahoma State University during 2014-2015.  The basic purpose of the program is to strengthen communities of transformational leaders who are dedicated and committed to the authentic leadership required for the 21st Century.  The session includes research and related materials with information of the program available on the international website created for accessibility of resources.  Also included are the philosophy, approach, and principles established for the program.  This effort contributes to transformative learning by bringing leadership and innovation together to promote a learning culture in organizations and communities using new practices changing the quality of dialogue, identity and action.  Key takeaways from the session include excerpts from the website covering major activities of the program; selected presentations; case studies and reference materials; and major network reference organizations.




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