Christy Vincent, Sharra Hynes


This modeling session will demonstrate an innovative method for making visible student transformative learning experiences.  Students use ePortfolios as a tool in job application/interview processes (Yu, 2012). In an AACU 2013 survey of employers, 4 out of 5 indicated that an ePortfolio would be useful in evaluating job knowledge and skills for success.  Some ePortfolios are simply a digital log of student work without an organizing principle or framework. They lack evidence of student agency-students taking ownership of their learning and making connections between life and academic experiences. Adding student agency to the design process of an ePortfolio may dramatically increase the effectiveness of the tool.  At the University of Central Oklahoma, students in a semester-spanning project recently utilized the Integrative Knowledge Portfolio Process (IKPP) (Peet, 2011) to design ePortfolios.  This session will showcase several students as they give personal reflections on the process as well as the resulting product.

Attendees at this session will: 1) Learn about the (IKPP), with a brief overview of how the process was utilized in a recent semester-spanning project at the University of Central Oklahoma, 2) Hear directly from students who participated in the project with comments on the process, a-ha moments, and challenges in the portfolio design work, and 3) Receive links to example ePortfolios in which the student agency framework is utilized.


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