Teaching for Transformative Experiences In Higher Education

Alissa Ball Crawford, Benjamin C. Heddy


Transformative learning is often described as involving a fundamental, almost seismic shift in perspective.  In contrast, A Transformative Experience, (TE) may involve less dramatic, complex learning events, yet still lead to big shifts in consciousness and intentions (Heddy & Pugh, 2015). 


The session will present, with examples, a TE design model that aims to generate transformative experiences, and assure their wide dissemination and further development.  It creates a nexus between research and practices and leads to new learning and awareness. 


Following presentation of TE and methods for generating TE in students, the research will present two studies that have been conducted with regard to TE in higher education contexts.  The first study implemented the Teaching for Transformative Experiences in Science or TTES model with undergraduate pre-service teachers (Heddy & Sinatra, 2013). The second, study used Use, Change, Value, or UCV discussion to generate TE in academically at-risk undergraduate students in a college success course (Heddy, Sinatra, Seli, Taasoobshirazi, & Mukhopadhyay, 2016).  Findings of these studies suggest that both pedagogical techniques successfully facilitated TE and in turn increased achievement, interest, transfer, positive emotions, and conceptual change.  Implications of TE for teaching in higher education are discussed in depth. 


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