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Transformational learning has garnered research interest since Mezirow’s (1978) initial conception of transformation as individual perspective transformation. However, just as technology generated rapid and disruptive societal change during the early 21st century, theories of transformative learning also evolved at a heightened pace to include new models of transformation with a wider, collective, cultural and/or social change lens.  Hence, depending on the lens employed, the implications for practice may vary considerably. Moreover, the growth in transformative learning research across disciplines and settings from classrooms to boardrooms worldwide has also led to many unknowns regarding what transformation actually looks like, the process of transformation, and potential outcomes (Mezirow & Taylor, 2009).  Consequently, educators often lack a pragmatic repertoire of practices or deep understanding of enabling conditions associated with transformation. Whereas Taylor (2008) called upon educators to transform themselves so they may help transform their students, this roundtable takes the approach that participants, as professionals, have already experienced transformation numerous times in the course of their adult lives.  Furthermore, personal transformative experiences provide a deep well from which to explore individual transformation and implications for classroom practice. Therefore, the purpose of this roundtable is for participants to reflect upon and collectively identify commonalities among their own transformative experiences that can aid intentional planning for transformative learning in their classrooms and/or organizations. 


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